Food fusion has been common practice in many kitchens, especially in the Wan household. Momma Wan (who is a true English rose) would combine British classics with Asian ingredients on a daily basis, as Poppa Wan didn’t ever feel like he had eaten unless the meal contained rice in some format. 
“I for one will try and eat rice with every meal and yes that does include breakfast” 
So……… with a little bit of research I am not that shocked to find out that fusing East Asian ingredients with national dishes is pretty much common practice. It would appear that pretty much every country has at some point or another blended the spices and flavours from East Asia with classic dishes from their homeland. As the British Empire spread her wings and slowly took over many parts of Asia many new and wonderful ingredients were discovered, the discovery of China Tea was one that would shape England and many of us enjoy what we know as the classic Builders Tea every morning (Tea, Sugar and Milk) 
In Hong Kong a popular drink fusing Black Milk Tea and Coffee is drank most mornings, named Yuangyang or Hong Kong Style Tea. No surprise really that the Chinese call it “Powerful Energy giving drink” with the amount of caffeine contained within this bizarre but very tasty drink. 
Let us eat Rice! 
Rice can be eaten at anytime of the day, it can be served Hot or Cold, Sweet or Savoury, Solid or as a Soup, it truly is a magical ingredient and a firm favourite enjoyed by 60% of the worlds population every day, that’s 4.3 billion people.  
“That’s a lot of rice” 
Rice pudding has been eaten in the UK since the Tudor period (1600’s), made by combining Rice, Milk, Cream and Sugar it has remained one of the nations favourite desserts and is still widely enjoyed today. 
My recipe for this sweet, tasty treat uses coconut milk instead of milk so is great for lactose intolerants, made in one pot this is a must have a go recipe. 
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