About Kwoklyn Wan 

When asked to sum up my love of food in just a few words, it’s probably easier to tell you what I don’t love… there’s just never enough of it! 
Food is so much more than just a necessity to live, it’s the crunch of fresh vegetables, the squelch of juicy king prawns, the aroma of that perfect spice combination, the soft chew of long noodles and the slurp of sticky rice! 
I grew up loved and well fed, therefore the two have always gone hand in hand for me; Food = Love and with Love you share food, simple! 
Spending so much time writing about food, I so often crave the flavours I describe and find myself rushing out to the local Chinese supermarket for extra supplies to whip up a tasty treat to satisfy my literary induced hunger. 
"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering." 
Bruce Lee 
Having spent a few years away from commercial kitchens, using my lifelong training to teach martial arts in both the UK & US, it has been a real highlight for me to come back to my first passion and find such overwhelming support from the people I meet. 
It’s a very heart-warming feeling to receive such genuine interest from others for the love I have for something so simple and it gives me great pleasure to be able to share my knowledge and skills with those that wish to join me on my journey to create and enjoy ever more deliciously mouth-watering dishes. 
Cook-along feature BBC Radio Leicester & Leicester Mercury 
Leicester Mercury
BBC Radio Leicester
I’m just about to take up residence in my new ‘Kwok On Kitchen’ to start filming for my online cookery school and lifestyle programme. Find out more 
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Occasionally I create sponsored posts for brands that are a good fit. I’m also available for recipe development & photography. Please complete the contact box for more info! 
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