Thai Egg and Shrimp Omelette
But where? Somewhere warm where we can not only soak up the rays but the ambience of our chosen destination, a place where we can lose ourselves completely, Mind, Body and Soul. 
As we close our eyes we can hear the cool breeze whistling through paddy fields, smell the aromatics as they bubble away in jet-black woks and feel the heat of the tropical sun as it caresses our skin. Our taste buds start craving the fragrant hum of aromatic spices, the tangy kick of a lime, the sweet nectar from tropical fruits which have been warmed and ripened under the sun and the punch of heat from the mighty chilli. 
Thai food is becoming more readily available here in the UK with a myriad of restaurants and street food vendors popping up in most major cities. Thailand, which sits on the continent of Asia and is home to Muay Thai Boxing and the famous Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, is a perfect location to start our summer #Foodtour 

Thai Breakfast 

So you have finally arrived in paradise and wanting to soak up every part of Thailand you opt for a traditional Thai Breakfast. What’s on the menu? 
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